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This Directory contains suppliers of products and services playing a meaningful part in Australia's fitout circular economy. This Directory is intended to complement sustainable product databases, such as GreenTag and GECA, not replace them, but this Directory differs as follows:

We have screened listings by organisation, not by product, because adopting a circular economy approach is a whole of business concern. These organisations aren't perfect but they are on their way and are more advanced than industry average.

A focus on recycled content or creating recyclable or down-cyclable products alone isn't enough. These organisations tick multiple circular economy boxes.


We believe that innovative small startups, social enterprises, donation platforms, repair cafes and second-hand stores should be elevated to form an integral part of the fitout design/construct/de-fit eco-system. You will find that our Directory includes both these 'local legends' and the large companies who can afford to apply for ISO and Green certifications.

We are constantly adding to this Directory but if you can't find what you are looking for or want to nominate a supplier for listing then...

Please let us know!

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